Heart of America


Heart of America

I see the flags in the morning rain as they

Flutter out the road at the start of a new day

Where in the light of the morning runs

Sharon Springs and the old hotel feel my heart rise

With the hope they felt on their journey

When they moved on to glory

They dared to dream their dreams

In the heart of America

They dared to face their fears

In the heart of America

From Europes shores where they fled in droves as they

Left darklands and broken homes for a new dawn

We're awaiting the Angel

Ellis Island stand in line hide the weakness in this child of mine

As she stumbles out in search of a reason

To put out all her dreams

In the heart of America

To search amongst her fears

In the heart of America

To end the veil of tears

In the heart of America

Forgiving those that ever brought her down

The windscreen wipers slappin' time Bobby sang the blues as

We stepped out on the line

We stepped out in the line

Empty faces heavy loads station wagons dusty roads

As we move on, right on out to the Prairie

Where they planted fields of hope

In the heart of America

Where the seeds they've sown won't grow

In the heart of America

The dustbowl thet we've known

In the heart of America

Where a man must make hie own way through this world

Strangers To The Pine

From Brother's Point I walk the shore

Watched the raging surf of Score

Memories they turn once more

To Prince Edward Island

They cleared the land, they worked the soil

Built their homes through sweat and toil

Pledged their lives, true'n loyal

To Prince Edward Island

Called them strangers to the pine

The blood runs deep and the ties they bind

Hands across the Maritime together

Called them strangers to the pine

The blood rune deep and the ties they bind

Hands across the Maritime together

Scattered to the wind and tide

Out across the great divide

Carried all our dreams with pride

To Prince Edward Island

From Pointe a Prime to Orwell Bay

In Charlottetown the old man say

You may wander but never stray

From Prince Edward Island

Molaidh sinn ar càirdean treun

Na h'eilthirich 'san dùthaich fhèin

'S molaidh sinn ar dachaidh fhèin

An t-Eilean Sgitheanach

We will praise our heroic people

The emigrants in their own place

We will praise our own homeland

The Isle of Skye

Winds of Our Time

On the morning clouds roll

Where the moorland's on fire

Where the turn on the road meets the sky

And your heart its burning desire

Where the cold night is gone

On the Kingsburgh fields

Where the hopes of a thousand young lovers

And mothers held on to their dreams

On the waste of the days

Where that innocence walked

The language of love and the times

Forever carved into the rock

And we all come back

Oh we'll all come back

Oh we'll all come back

To where the heartbeat first began

Now we stand on its shores

In the winds of our times

With the uncertain pride of a stranger

Returned to its curious skies

Where the sacrifice fell

On the altar of change

The young birds have fallen like heroes in battle

Before they could rise

And we all come back

Oh we'll all come back

Oh we'll all come back

To where the heartbeat first began

And as it stands out here before us

We feel the ghosts of another time

Where all the roads we have travelled

Lead us back

And as we search the here in the morning

Or at the closing of the day

The message of the journey

Leads me back

We can walk through the our days

Through the light of our lives

The shadows are cast down before us

Where hunters move on through the night

In the end it is truth

No deception no lies

No template for reason, no gurus

Just spirit moved into the light

A'Coiseachd Tràth

A’coiseachd tràth air ràthad a bhàigh
A ghrian a’deàrrsadh sios air toiseach làtha
‘S tu nam mhiann, ‘s tu nam chridhe
‘S tu falbh bhuamsa gu alta fada bhuam

B’u tu mo nàdur ’s tum o smuain
B’u tu m’eòlas fad mo thuras cràdh
An làn a’tionndadh air a chladach dhorch
Na sgòthan a’tuiteam bho’n lar bho’n d’thaìnig thu

Tillidh mi thugad nam dhùsgadh tràth
Bruinnidh mi riut nam bruadhar dh’oidhche ’s làtha
Ruithidh mi mar ri cheile tro ghrian mo laithean buan
Bi mi gad ghiùlain gu bràth ann am beatham o chlann

Ann an neart ’s an àille ann an call ‘s am buann
Ann an dòchas, tuigsinn ann an aoibhneas ‘s ann am pion
Theid sinn còmhla tro na raointinn ghrianach
Gu glòir as àirde far’eil goal a tighinn mar aon

Walking early on the road toward the bay
The sun pouring down at the start of another day
You are with me in my heart
But gone from me now to a place beyond my reach

You were my nature, you were thoughts
You were the centre on my journey through uncertainty
The tide now turning from me on the darkening shore
The clouds falling heavily from the West from whence you came

I will return to you in all my wakening hours
I will speak with you in the silence of my dreams
I will run, as if together, through the sunlight of my remaining days
I will carry you forever in the life of my children

In strength and in beauty
In loss and gain
In hope and understanding
In joy and pain
We will walk together out through the sunlit fields
to a greater glory beyond where all love becomes as one

Mo Chruinneag Bhòidheach

Fill-iù oro hù o

bu tu mo chruinneag bhòidheach

Fill-iù oro hù o.

Dheighinn dhan a' ghealaich leat

Nan gealladh tu mo phòsadh.

Dheighinn leat a dh'Uibhist

Far am buidhicheadh an t-eòrna.

Dheighinn leat a dh'Èirinn

Gu fèill nam ban òga.

Dheighinn dha na rionnagan

Nam biodh do chuideachd deònach.

Dheighinn leat an ear 's an iar

Gun each, gun srian, gun bhòtainn.

Mise muigh air cùl na tobhta

'S tusa staigh a' còrdadh.

Mi 'g èisteachd ris na diùcannan

A' cur do chliù an òrdugh.

'S ag èisteachd ris na h-iarlachan

Gad iarraidh gus do phòsadh.

'S chuala mi na ministearan

A' bruidhinn air do bhòidheachd.

Fill-iu oro hu o
You are my beautiful young girl
Fill-iu oro hu o

I would go to the moon with you
If you would promise to marry me

I would go to Uist with you
Where the corn is most yellow

I would go to Ireland with you
To the young girls’ fair

I would go to the stars with you
If your people were willing

I would go with you to east and west
With no horse, no bridle and no boots

I outside behind the ruins
And you indoors being agreeable

I listen to the dukes
Putting your reputation in order

And listen to the lords
Wishing to marry you

And I heard the ministers
Talking of your beauty

Where The Roses

We will walk by the roses

Where scent falls on the river

We will walk by the burn

Where the fishers fished the pearl

We'll carry all before us

Through the changing of the seasons

We will carry all our stories

Where the roses.

We will live our lives in freedom

Where the long lochs lie in silver

We will watch o'er Canisp's shoulder

Where she slumbers in the wind

We will walk this country over

The journey of our fathers

We will set out once again

Where the roses.

Cha Till

Cha till mi gu tìr a mhurain
Cha till mi do’m dhùthaich fhèin
Cha till, cha till mi tuilleadh
Chu’n an t-aìt’ a dh’fhàg sinn sgathach ‘s eagail oirm

Cha till mi gu tìr na morair
Cha till mi gu tìr air chall
Cha till mi gu tìr mi-cheartas
Far na dhiobhair iad mo shluagh bochd is geur

Fo na grèine, anns a mhadainn
Tha làtha eile gu bhi beò
A’ deàrrsadh solas air an tràigh gu toiseach ùr

Cha till mi gu gleanntan fàsach
Cha till mi gu tràighean truagh
Cha till mi, cha till mi tuilleadh
Far ‘eil sruth mo lion ‘s mo dhaoin’ a nis ruith fuar

Fo na grèine, anns a mhadainn
Tha làtha eile gu bhi beò
A’deàrrsadh solas air an tràigh go toiseach ùr
Le chèile air ur monadh
Is ur sùilean nise suas
A’coimhead thairis air na beanntan dorch is cruaidh

Cha till mi le cridhe brònach
Cha till mi le m’inntinn sios
Cha till mi, cha till mi tuilleadh
Ach le dòchas, neart is spionnadh ‘son nan Gaidheal

Cha till mi gu àm làn iobairt
Cha till mi gu àm làn sios
Cha till, Cha till sinn tuilleadh
Ach le misneachd ‘son ur cànan, ‘son ur saoghal

I will not return to the land of the marram grass
I will not return to the land of my people
I will never return, I will not return again

To the land we left in fear and dread

I will not return to land of the landlords
I will not return to the land that is now lost to us
I will not return to the land without justice
Where they have left my people poor and embittered

From the sunlight of the morning
Another day is now coming to life
Pouring light onto the shoreline of a new beginning

I will not return to the emptiness of the glens lying fallow
I will not return to these shorelines of poverty
I will not return I will not return again
Where the heart of my people and my lineage now runs cold

From the sunlight of the morning
Another day is now coming to life
Pouring light onto the shoreline of a new beginning
Together on our moor land
With our eyes now uplifted
Looking out far beyond the dark hardness of the mountains

I will not return in a heavy heart
I will not return with my senses downtrodden
I will not return I will never return
But with hope, strength and energy for the Gael

I will not return to a time full of sacrifice
I will not return to a time full of distress and affliction
We will not return we will never again return
But with a confidence in our language and our world

Raglan Road

On Raglan Road on an Autumn day

I met her first and knew

That her dark hair would weawe a snare

That I might one day rue

I saw the danger, yet I walked

Along the enchanted way

And I said 'let grief be fallen leaf

At the dawning of the day'.

On Grafton Street in November

We tripped lightly along the ledge

Of the deep ravine where can be seen

The worth of passion's pledge

The Queen of Hearts still making tarts

And I not making hay

Oh I loved too much and by such by such

Is happiness thrown away.

I gave her gifts of the mind. I gave

Her the secret sign that's known

To the artists who have known

The true gods of sound and stone

And word and tint, I did not stint

For I gave her poems to say

With her own name there

And her long dark hair

Like clouds over fields of May.

On a quiet street where old ghosts meet

I see her walking now

Away from me so hurriedly

My reason must allow

That I had wooed not as I should

A creature made of clay

When the angel wooes the clay he'd lose

His wings at the dawn of day.

Love Will Never Die

We could have loved much better

If time was on our side

But on the other side of lonely

I just feel we never tried

You go walking on the shoreline

Where it rises to the tide

On the other side of emptiness

Our love will never die

I see you n the night

With the fire-light in yur eyes

The morning light grows colder

As another ember dies

When we started on this journey

On broken wings thet couldn't fly

On the other side of heartache

Our love will never die

Across the years the worn out dance floors

Show-bands play their glitzy lies

The final words a disappointment

That always ended with a sigh

The barren fields of expectaton

The constant river running dry

The open road runs out before me now

But my love will never die

Harvest Wind

I’ve been watching the days as the sunlight turns
And your face pales in the wind
On an island shore where your heartbeat lies
And your journey now begins
But the summer rains is colder now
Than on the harvest we once knew
On the empty road where we took our chance
And I chased my dreams with you

Down on the sloping fields with their stacks in line
In our summers gentle gaze
Where we ran the boats on a turning tide
On the ling loch’s shimmering haze
Where the old men held the tiller hand
And the young men took the oars
We would turn for shore in the falling light
To stand by open doors

At the gable end where the sunlight danced
His gnarled hands worked the weave
Had he lost his time at a bottles end
Had he lost his chance to dream
Where the righteous stand in judgement
And the sinner they are few
On the road to his redemption
He has broken faith with you

I can see you now on the darkening hill
Like a shadow moving through
On the path to the moor where the rocks stand cold
I parted there from you
Where our hopes had fired eternal
On that night of a million stars
Where the harvest winds had warmed us
Outside our dance hall cars

Harvest wind out across the waves
Harvest wind leads me to this day
Harvest wind warms the cooling sea
Harvest wind has taken you from me

October Song

I’ll sing you my October song
There is no song before it
The words in tune are not my own
My joy and sorrow bore them

The fallen leaves have strewn the ground
They know the art of dying
And leave with joy their glad gold hearts
In scarlet shadows lying

I met a man whose name was Time
He said ‘I must be going’
But just how long ago that was
I have no way of knowing

Beside the sea, the brambling briar
Amidst the still of evening
Birds fly out from behind the sun
And with them, I’ll be leaving

I’ll sing you my October song
There is no song before it
The words in tune are not my own
My joy and sorrow bore them

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