2 February

Dominion Theatre, London, England

25 February

Union Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland

4 March

Town and Country Club, London, England

10 March

Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland

15 March

McGonagles, Belfast, Northern Ireland

16 March

Queen Students Union, Art College, Belfast, Northern Ireland

31 March

Clickimin Centre, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland

10 April

Dominion Theatre, London, England

11 April

Dominion Theatre, London, England

22 May

Town and Country Club, London, England

  (TV recording - broadcasted on LWT 23 November 1989)

9 June

Dam Park Hall, Ayr, Scotland

10 June

John Wright Sports Centre, East Kilbride, Scotland

24 June

Open Air, Aalborg, Denmark

1 July

Midtfyns Festival, Ringe, Denmark

27 September

Barrowland, Glasgow, Scotland

28 September

Barrowland, Glasgow, Scotland

29 September

Sands Centre, Carlisle, England

2 October

Hexagon, Reading, England

3 October

Polytechnic, Stoke, England

4 October

Polytechnic, Huddersfield, England

5 October

College, Gloucester, England

7 October

Polytechnic, Coventry, England

9 October

Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone, England

11 October

St. David's College, Lampeter, Wales

12 October

Polytechnic Leicester, England

13 October

University, Guildford, England

14 October

East Anglia University, Norwich, England

16 October

University, Cardiff, Wales

17 October

Aston University, Birmingham, England

18 October

Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England

19 October

Polytechnic, Newcastle, England

20 October

University, Sheffield, England

24 October

Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland

25 October

Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland

30 October

Glädjehuset, Stockholm, Sweden (radio recording)

31 October

Stockholm, Sweden

2 November

Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway

3 November

Ridehuset, Aarhus, Denmark

4 November

Tønderhal 1, Tønder, Denmark

6 November

Skråen, Aalborg, Denmark

7 November

Skråen, Aalborg, Denmark

8 November

Magasinet, Odense, Denmark

10 November

Stensballehallen, Horsens, Denmark

11 November

Saga, Copenhagen, Denmark

13 November

Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany

14 November

Luxor, Köln, Germany

15 November

Batchkapp, Frankfurt, Germany

16 November

Schutzen Haus, Stuttgart, Germany

17 November

Juzz Haus, Freiburg, Germany

18 November

Manege, München, Germany

20 November

New Morning, Paris, France

22 November

Hammersmith Odeon, London, England


Un Año De Rock, Madrid, Spain

1 December

Apollo, Manchester, England

2 December

Loreburn Hall, Dunfries, Scotland

4 December

Town Hall, Hawick, Scotland

6 December

Albert Hall, Stirling, Scotland

7 December

Forum, Livingston, Scotland

8 December

Magnum Centre, Irvine, Scotland

9 December

Younger Hall, St. Andrews, Scotland

11 December

Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland

12 December

Bowling Centre, Inverness, Scotland

13 December

Bowling Centre, Inverness, Scotland

15 December

Capitol, Aberdeen, Scotland

16 December

Caesar’s Palace, Aberdeen, Scotland

18 December

Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland
19 December
Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland

31 December

George Square, Glasgow, Scotland (Hogmanay)

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