Across The City and The World


Sweetness on The Wind

Somewhere out of all the darkened days

Like a searching stream of light

Broken shards across an empty sky

Casting shadows in our eyes

Lying broken in the wind

Long before last summer's leaves had turned

She was the heartbeat in my life

Not a moment goes by

She was the sweetness on the wind

The cold breath whisper of a Northern night

The flickering flame that brings us in

To the warmth in her smile

On the corner of an empty street

A child with wide-eyed dreams

Hoping that a father's race had run

So they could live like kings

Where the back court shadows fall

Sunlight glistens on the broken glass

Empty words, empty fall

And the moment is past

She was the sweetness on the wind

The cold breath whisper of a Northern night

The flickering flame that brings us in

To the warmth in her smile

Now the mirror years have spread all their lies

Across the city and the world

The age of innocence is all but gone

But not the beauty and the curls

But still her heartbeat sings

The melodies are long defined on hope

A strength, a dignity, a pride

Down the long London road

Queen of The Hill

I watched her turn against the wind

Another year begins its end

She's held her time against the change

A people lost without a trace

A noble history a place

A long road travelled on the line

Another winter to survive

She walks with dignity and pride

She was the queen of all the hill

Where the bracken turns to gold

And she's waiting for me still

She was the queen

Of the Hill

She was the queen

Of the hill

For many years her life goes by

Her laughter filled the broken skies

Where on the walk through summer's fields

The bender birchwood where she kneels

The open fire, the fisher's pool

The poacher's lamp, the milking stool

The children laughing where they ran

The smoke-stained clothes, the seasons's plan

To where the cart-tracks turn no more

A changing world, the Northern shore

You're The Rose

You're the rose, you're the rose

You're the rose that I will dream of

You're the rose that takes me home

You're the rose, you're the rose

You're the calm before the thunder

You're the light before the storm

The mirror's pictures of the world outside

The blackened dust of a land on fire

The mother's empty breast denied

As she turns to take them home

A trail to nowhere is her guiding light

Steps to hunger as she moves tonight

Dawn will break on a field of sighs

As she loses her grip on love

Silent cry is a fading dream

Humble hope on a global scheme

Where life is lost as life is seen

From the comfort of our world

The Weaver of Grass

They took him here from another place

Where the Machair's sweet winds fold upon the face

Silent turmoill rolls across his eyes

A changing world, a troubled heart

The spirits freedom broken from the start

Youth forever lost in Europe's lies

The weaver of grass is coming home

A young man's frame with an old man's hope

The painful journey, the turning of the rope

Bound forever tied to childhood's dreams

The lovat days now in the past

The mounted pride that was never meant to last

In a warring world where women sighed

The weaver of grass is coming home

The wind blows cold on the Black Isle's fields

This silent world where he touches what he feels

Held forever still on the outer line

The darkened room, a night of sighs

The world defined by the regimented minds

Oh for the coloured nights of a Uist sky

The weaver of grass is coming home

The hands still turn a desperate weave

To search the freedoms of the open field

Where nature's healing measure finds its way

By the hanging tree and the windblown fence

His darkened eyes turned inward in defence

Of a world that only he could ever dream

The weaver of grass is coming home

The homeward road, the familiar shore

The pewits cry that will cry forever more

Down through a people's line he was sure had gone

And in this drift of a world unchanged

His weave is strengthened in the passing of his days

So late we came to see him in his pride

The weaver if grass is coming home

She Knows Love

The sheriff's girl is on the street again

Walking coldly through the rain and wind

Her children's eyes are in her heart

And how she hopes their lives won't know this pain

From Liverpool she came in search of love

A promise broken, never meant to last

Lost and abandoned with a mother's dreams

Her every day, she prays will be her past

Love never grows in vain

The sweetest flowers flourish in the rain

An open heart will always feel the pain

She knows love, yes she knows love

In the quiet streets, an uneasy dark

Like hunted prey awaits the hunter's lamp

She prays for safety in this tumbling world

Where a kindness whispered is the hope she heard

In the bitter torture of their broken world

Two lives collide in such a humble girl

A moment's softness, now a tabloid rage

Where a judging world consumes it's every page

And she knows and he knows

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift is time

Time I spend with you

and maybe I'm too blind

to see the whole thing through

The greatest gift is love

The love you give to me

but maybe I will fall

into another dream

When your heart's been broken

You feel alone inside

No mother's eyes to warn you

No father's hands to guide

The greatest strength of all

Is the strength that lingers

Like grass bends in the wind

And holds on to the soil

The greatest hope is love

The love that's grown in me

Forever in your heart

I hope you find your peace

Highland Heart

The light is fading on the far horizon

Cattle in and the work is done

A Country boy is soon arriving

To drive away from the setting sun

In his eyes, a new religion

Southern Gospel and melting heart

Neon pictures of your deep soul sisters

Arcing through the airwaves like a poisoned dart

Oh! Oh! He's a Rock 'n' Roll hero

Oh! Oh! On a Saturday night

Oh! Oh! It's a long lost whisper

Making all the moves and feeling all right

Smell the leather in the Austin Princess

Column change American style

An engine heart on a Highland highway

A Gaelic voice with a Memphis smile

In his dreams, a new dimension

In his hopes, a different world

Culture clash and a vain intention

Looking out for love with the beehive girls

Like the heroes in his new world picture

He lived his life high collared style

A broken heart down the Glendale Valley

Another world, another time

Calum Sgàire

Fail eile 's a ra u, fail eile 's a ra u

Fail eile 's a ra u, thogaidh o 's na ro i.

Och a Rìgh gur trom m'osna

'S fhada ò mo luaidh a nochd mi

Mise tuath air Ceann Lochlainn

'S ise aig Loch an Fhir Mhaoil.

Ged is math a bhith seòladh

'S olc a tha I 'gam chòrdadh

'S mòr gum b'fheàrr a bhith 'm Bòsta

Cur an eòrna 'san raon.

Ach nam bithinn-sa aig baile

A shamhradh 's a dh'earrach

'S mi nach leigeadh mo leannan

Ri balach gun strìth.


Oh Lord! I've a heavy, sighing heart

My love is far away from me tonight

I'm away in the north at the Cape of Norway

While she's at Loch an Fhir Mhaoil.

Though it is enjoyable to be sailing

I cannot say I'm enjoying it just now

I would rather be in Bosta

Planting the corn in the field.

If only I could be at home

Both summer and spring

I would never allow another man

To have my love without a fight.

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